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Wolf miniature watercolor

“Lone Wolf,” miniature watercolor. This painting is for sale – contact me below for details.

An Affirmation for Today:
“I open all my senses to everything going on around me.”

Here’s something fun to try. Go out in the woods if you can. Or your backyard if you can’t. Or even in your own home.

Without thinking of anything in particular, just spend 5 minutes observing. What do you notice that you don’t usually see?

Try it first with your eyes open. Then try it with your eyes closed. What do you hear? Smell? Feel?

(In my case, I’m afraid I can still smell skunk.) 😦

So often we’re so in our heads that we miss out on half of what’s going on around us!

Have fun with your senses today!

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New painting…

Wolf and Harvest Moon watercolor

Did a wolf painting a few weeks ago that I didn’t like too much. But it got me going in a certain direction. I think I like the direction. Think I’ll keep going this way…

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Wolf pack logoI just started a new Meetup group for creative people in the Champaign-Urbana, IL area. I’m calling it Wild Woman’s Wolf Pack and it’s just a monthly (more or less) gathering for creative inspiration – where artists, writers, musicians, businesspeople and other creative women & men can get together and inspire each other through sharing and encouragement.

A logo seemed in order, so here’s my attempt.

If you’re in the area you’re welcome to join. Here’s the link: Wild Woman’s Wolf Pack Meetup


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Wolf howling at the moon digital image

Wolf howl - digital illustration

Photoshop is getting a little easier. It helped to sit my 12-year-old daughter Clara down in front of it.

“What does this tool do?”

“Uh, I don’t know.”

“Why not? Oh, that’s cool.  How about this tool? What does that do?”

“Um, never tried that either.”

“How come? Oh, awesome, check this out…”

It was kind of embarrassing. I had really intended to show her some cool stuff but she ended up instructing me!  Just through sheer curiosity, Clara managed to introduce me to the burn tool, sponge tool and several other cool Photoshop toys.

I had already nearly finished this digital wolf illustration based on a watercolor painting from a couple years ago, so the new tools only got a mini workout here, but I’m definitely looking forward to trying them out more thoroughly next time!

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wolf digital image painting

Learning to manipulate the digital pen and work in layers in Photoshop...

I’ve painted this wolf in watercolor (based on a pencil sketch from a couple of years ago), so thought I’d give it a try in Photoshop.

It came out kind of looking like a piece done in oil pastels.  I do really enjoy the fact that overworking an area doesn’t mean I’m stuck with it! In this piece I learned how to use layers to build up an image…  very different than layering with physical paint because here one has the luxury of adding to or removing any layer at any time!  And of course adding another layer won’t muss up the ones beneath it.

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