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I’ve had the idea for this one kicking around for a while. Actually it dates back to a piece I did way back when, just out of college, with a woman’s¬†silhouetted profile and leaves blowing in the wind.

Now she’s back. The picture here is the initial “sketch” in Photoshop. I suspect I’ll be changing the landscape a bit and maybe adding a few wind turbines. I’ll post more as she progresses.


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Women holding up earth illustration

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Actually it has nothing to do with the IRS. If it did I probably would have made it a pit bull. A drooling one.

Part of the forthcoming  Partnership With Earth website project is a sustainable living audit. Somehow the idea of a dog at the desk was appealing, to put a little lightness and humor into it.  This was my first version:

Illustration: dog at desk

I chose a standard poodle because my dog-crazy 13 year old daughter wants a puppy and we’ve been researching dog¬†breeds and have pretty much narrowed it down to that one. I like to run and she likes to train dogs to do tricks so we had to have a breed that¬†likes both activities. (I never thought of poodles as¬† runners but according to a bunch of¬†runner’s forums I visited they’re pretty stellar at long distance running.)¬†¬†Standard poodles are¬†very smart but not as hyper as Border collies (another one we’d considered.) And the no-shed thing is a definite plus. (Our Lab-Boxer mix, Jasmine, is currently in full swing with¬†her biannual ritual of sprinkling the house liberally with little black hairs.)

Anyway,¬†we ended up having the dog (the one in the picture, not the potential and as yet theoretical new addition to the family) actually filling out the audit rather than simply inviting one to do so. So here’s the final version:

Illustration: Dog writing at desk

It was pretty fun to do. All the overlapping meant having to really keep track of the layers.

Now, if only I could get Clara to train Jasmine to do the taxes!

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Illustration of man harvesting applesMore illustrations for the Partnership With Earth project. One of our goals is to illustrate examples of activities which are not only eco-friendly, but which promote bonding with others and/or with Nature. ¬†Like harvesting apples with one’s family…(I didn’t include the apple trees because they’re part of the background scene these will go into.)

Illustration: pregnant woman picking apples
Illustration: toddler peeking between legsIllustration: basket of apples

If there had been room it would have been nice to include a group of people pressing apples for cider

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Man pushing wheelbarrow full of gold
Gold Miner digital illustration

Another one for the website project.

This one was fun to do. I used two different reference photos so the figure is really a composite of two models. The pile of gold is a separate layer – I just kind of winged it but I like the way it turned out.
The gold actually puts me in mind of dragons. Maybe I’ll do one of those soon! Do you think dragons are best with wings?

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OK, it’s my 43rd birthday and since I didn’t bother making a New Year’s resolution I’m going to make one today – to start posting stuff on my blog as I do it.

Which means I have a lot of catching up to do. I’ll be posting recent work over the next few days or so.

Most of what I’ve been doing is digital illustration, although I’ve got a few watercolors in the works. Here’s a quick piece I did in Photoshop as a study for a watercolor:

Digital illustration girl and wasp

Yes, that’s a wasp she has on her finger. (It’s a little rough since as I mentioned this was a quick study.)

Did you know that if you stay calm, and if the wasp is not defending its nest, you can actually remove the critters from unwanted areas (like porches) barehanded? No need for smashing or slapping lids on containers. They’ll step right on to your finger with some encouragement. Then all you have to do is stay calm and radiate love – and move very slowly towards the door. The hardest part can actually be getting them to leave your finger.

Wear gloves if you want.

Have a great day!!

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Wolf howling at the moon digital image

Wolf howl - digital illustration

Photoshop is getting a little easier. It helped to sit my 12-year-old daughter Clara down in front of it.

“What does this tool do?”

“Uh, I don’t know.”

“Why not? Oh, that’s cool.¬† How about this tool? What does that do?”

“Um, never tried that either.”

“How come? Oh, awesome, check this out…”

It was kind of embarrassing. I had really intended to show her some cool stuff but she ended up instructing me!  Just through sheer curiosity, Clara managed to introduce me to the burn tool, sponge tool and several other cool Photoshop toys.

I had already nearly finished this digital wolf illustration based on a watercolor painting from a couple years ago, so the new tools only got a mini workout here, but I’m definitely looking forward to trying them out more thoroughly next time!

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