Today’s Affirmation:

“Life is sweet at its core.”

Maple tree symbolism: Balance, practicality, abundance, sweetness in life

May each breath you take today be infused with the sweetness of life. 🙂

Maple meditation 12-18-15

Trees are such spiritually sophisticated beings. I’m really grooving on them lately!

This piece started as a doodle. I had done some prayer work involving tree imagery for my friend Tanya English (a gifted healer, by the way, who does remote as well as in-person healings) a while back and she had an amazing connection with a golden Maple tree. She had asked me to do a piece of Maple art for her, but it didn’t come right away.

Then a short while back I started doodling on a long phone call, and this emerged. I hope to have time some day to use it as the basis for a watercolor. Tanya couldn’t wait, though, and printed it out as a coloring sheet!

Tanyas tree coloring

My family & I took part in the Marquette, MI Climate Walk recently. It was an awareness-raising event that involved a 5 mile hike along the shoreline bike path, culminating in a little festival with info booths and live music.

Comparing notes afterwards, my husband Dan and I found that we had each been struck by a different T-shirt worn by fellow participants.

The one I saw that I just loved read: “May the Forest be With You” – a cute but profound reminder of the spiritual power of the woods.

But Dan’s favorite actually spurred him to action. It said:

“Act as though what you do matters – because it does.”

Dan’s been spending a lot of time lately researching vehicles, because ours are really at the point of needing replacement. He good-naturedly cursed that T-shirt, because it prodded his conscience into jettisoning hours worth of research on available models in favor of shopping for an electric car.

Yes, what you do does matter. And what you say. Even the T-shirt you choose to wear today could result in real change for real people.

Choose carefully.

guardian angel painting

Today’s Affirmation:
“Laughing makes me strong!”

Got back in touch recently with an old friend. She wanted to get together for coffee, so I picked a day at random and it turned out to be her birthday! 🙂

When I found this out shortly before our rendezvous, I quickly did a little guardian angel painting for her as a birthday gift. I thought at first that the second figure was another angel, but to my surprise it morphed into this amused lion-faced spirit guide.

It seems to me they are reading the book of my friend’s life (and she has had a heck of a life!) The angel seems loving and gently compassionate. But the lion dude(ette) (I’m getting masculine energy from it even though it has feminine features) told me to tell her, “Laugh. Just laugh! It will make you strong!”

As it will all of us! No matter what happens today, go ahead and laugh! 🙂

The holidays are not as far off as they seem. I’m taking orders now for custom guardian angel paintings to be delivered by or before mid December. Reply for details! 

My new hero

Who’s your hero?

I have a few. Harriet Tubman. Peace Pilgrim. My friend Lance, a Vietnam veteran who has devoted his life to serving Mother Earth. People who hear the call to a higher purpose and follow it without hesitation.

So yesterday I fond another hero. Maybe you’ve heard of him. His name is Matt Harding. He’s a kinda geeky, likeable guy who does this silly dance. Just a quirky thing of his – but take a look at the joy that follows in his wake when he follows that little voice inside him to dance, just dance!

You’ve got to click in the image below to see what I mean. I dare you to tell me it doesn’t lift your heart!

What about you? What would happen if you were to spend even 15 minutes a day just doing what comes naturally to you?

This is vital.

Today’s Affirmation:
“I make time today to play and have fun!”

Play time isn’t wasting time. It’s vital time! Get your dose today, and every day.

Love and blessings,


Lilah angelI first started being aware of angels when I started doing chakra energy scans for people. They often show up for me in people’s chakras.

Lately I’ve been doing guardian angel art readings, but this latest is a bit of a variation. I love doing portraits of children, and decided for this one to tune in to Lilah’s guardian angel and include the angel, too.

In this case, looks like Archangel Michael also has her back!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed painting it.

P.S. I’m guessing an angel portrait would make an awesome Christmas gift. If you’d like more information about that, or to request a free 15 minute energy scan, just let me know! 🙂

Yesterday for some reason the topic of washing machines came up. I mentioned to my husband that I really like the one we have now because it sings a cheery little tune when the wash is done.

He laughed, but I insisted that it does make a difference. Our old one would let out a loud “BLAAAT!” at the end of the cycle. And my reaction was always, “Oh, no, the wash is done, now I have to go deal with it.”

Now, when I hear that little tune, I think, “Oh, good, the wash is done!” 🙂

It’s a little thing. But it does make a difference in my mood. And compounded over time, I’m sure it makes a positive difference in my life – which no doubt ripples out to those around me.

Little things can have big impact. Pay attention today to the little things in your life. Notice how they affect you, either positively or negatively. If the latter, how hard would they be to change?

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